Root of Science Podcast

The podcast by Root of Science Media airs biweekly on Mondays and is hosted by Anne Chisa, also known as Anne with an E. The show revolves around interviews with individuals involved in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) from across the globe, all united by the hashtag #AfricansInSTEM.

The guests have the opportunity to share their personal stories, highlighting the “ROOT” of their science and engaging in profound conversations beyond the scientific realm. The goal is to create a premier global platform for Africans in STEM, highlighting their invaluable contributions and showcasing and humanizing their experiences. Through these conversations, we challenge stereotypes about the appearance of scientists, promote the richness of diversity within STEM fields, educate the world, and most importantly, inspire the generations to be motivated to get into science. 

Root of Science Media

Root of Science Media, is a visionary project that aims to establish a global African science communication platform. Our primary objective is to amplify the credible voices of Africans in STEM, showcasing their work, inspiring the youth, and creating a vibrant ecosystem for science communication in Africa.

We have already established a strong foundation through the highly successful “Root of Science Podcast,“ established in 2020 which has been instrumental in showcasing the remarkable talent within African STEM fields.

Building on this success, we are poised to expand into a comprehensive media platform with a focus on audio, written, visual content, science engagement initiatives, and consultancy.